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Find good and varied things to eat for breakfast

Sat, 7 November, 2020

We should quickly get bored with eating the same thing for dinner, yet we don’t protest against the same breakfast every day - why? At least most of us don’t. It’s usually muesli out of the box or a piece of toast – and worse than that for children who get fed huge amounts of sugar masquerading as cereal. With, ironically, skimmed milk which is no more nutritious than water; so incongruous.

Out with boring, samey breakfast! Let’s find good and varied things to eat in the morning, especially that most of us commute to the front room or the study these days – so there’s time to prepare something nice.

Porridge should be many people’s go-to breakfast as it’s warming, slow-release carbs, plenty of fibre we never get enough of in our diet, and you can vary it as you please. Classic oats porridge in an indulgent version with creme fraiche and raisins – or skip all the trimmings and cook it on water. Not only oats, you know – barley or rice flakes can be cooked like that too. Semolina porridge is just as nice, and couscous is quick to prepare. Any grain goes if it’s to your taste – try hulled millet too.

If you don’t want to cook, try overnight oats – no cooking necessary. Or make a batch of granola and see what a difference homemade stuff makes. Go one step further – granola bars with oats and fruit.

So now let's go into baking zone: buchteln perhaps? Challah buns or scones? And for those who spurn cake as breakfast, how about a Parmesan omelette? Baked beans from scratch? Bacon and banana? There’s lots to choose from.

For dinner ideas, here’s a round-up of recent recipes: gorgeous potato soup with mushrooms plus a cheesy sweetcorn tart. That’s vegetarian, for meat-eaters a very seasonal roast haunch of venison may be tempting for the weekend or a special weeknight: there’s a bit of prepping, with salting and brining the meat but the effort will pay off in taste.

Look out for new Christmas baking ideas – I’m still in full Christmas recipe testing mode! Marzipan truffles and a veggie roast among other things coming soon. Eat well and keep safe for now!

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