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How to do scaled down holidays this year

Sat, 14 November, 2020

The season to be merry will be starting soon and it is a different kind of merry. What are we going to do if the lockdown continues? How are we going to celebrate and share food with our dearest if households are not allowed to mix? I’m devastated about the prospect of cooking Christmas lunch just for me, while my dear and near go without my cooking. I believe it is even more devastating for them.

I might have to embark on a Christmas takeaway service project; more about it soon.

The North Americans are the first to go the new, scaled-down way at Thanksgiving. They will be cooking brined turkey, if smaller this year. They will need a recipe for stuffing even if they call it dressing, and recipes for the sides. Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce and perhaps sticky toffee pudding will catch someone’s eye instead of the traditional pies: the fudgy, sticky, sweet and toffee thing for Thanksgiving dessert.

So there’s turkey, there’s stuffing and there are roasted vegetables and potatoes – or smashed roasties if you prefer. There are meringue kisses for dessert or old-fashioned apple cake. You over the ocean go ahead and tell us afterwards how to tackle holidays this year.

Outside festivities there’s a new, awesome potato soup with mushrooms. Get a brace of partridge and roast them with bacon. Or make halloumi vegetable skewers for a nostalgic taste of summer.

Cook well, eat well and keep well – have a look at my Christmas recipe collection to find something new for this weird year.

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