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Tempting things that contain carbs

Sat, 11 January, 2020

I have gone keto, as a research project and a short term solution to excess kilograms here and there. Join me if you like or check out my diary – I’m going strong albeit have my reservations about the diet!

If you are a normal omnivorous human being, here are this week’s suggestions. Mind you: writing about Delicious Things that Contain Carbs is a serious temptation – but so is watching people around me eating pasta and croissants. Not to mention developing recipes where I can’t even lick a spoon! It’s a massive exercise in discipline I’ll tell you.

But you, fortunate friends, can have a large plate of baked aubergine ziti or rigatoni, or penne one night this week and delightful it is going to be too. If you prefer meaty pasta, make a pot of proper ragu Bolognese to go with spaghetti or tagliatelle; or an easy version of beef ragu stuffed into conchiglioni.

Use tinned or frozen broad beans – remember it’s what we should buy in the middle of winter, instead of produce flown in from South America – to make Persian rice with broad beans. It will be a nice side to simple pork steaks.

How about a potato and chorizo tray bake? It’s easy to put together, and while it bakes you could have a bath and a glass of wine. For an equally easy and also quick veggie dish, try bulgur wheat pilaf with red peppers. It’s really good.

Cake for the weekend could be lemon drizzle, something that isn’t chocolate, gingerbread or fruitcake after the Christmas overload of those. Or a batch of cornmeal muffins that are a/ gluten free and b/ can double up as breakfast.

Hey, that felt so good. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been fantasising about carbs writing this week’s suggestions. Isn’t it why cookery programmes are so popular? Or am I a sucker for punishment? Either way, have a great week and happy cooking!

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