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potatoes poached in oil and other suggestions

Mon, 12 March, 2018

The winter lasted a week this year and came in March so I think it’s fair to expect British summer to last at least a couple of days in May and then again in October. Let’s be optimistic, shall we? All sarcastic weather comments aside, spring is surely, if not in the air then in the timid pale green shoots - of what, I cannot remember - in my flower bed.

It’s still some time though before we get the asparagus and strawberries, or even new potatoes although I’ve seen some, probably Egyptian, in the market today. If you get tempted, you could have an early taster of garlic and lemon new potatoes poached in oil, really delicious. Make a raw beetroot salad to go with them and that’s a good meatless dinner.

A meat dish could be cote de boeuf one night this week: basically a massive rib eye steak on the bone for two. You could have it, unusually, with stir fried ginger vegetables. That’s a good one for the end of the week, when the fridge veg drawer is starting to look sad and empty.

Or how about a grilled Dover sole? It’s expensive in the UK but fishmongers do sell two for a tenner (or less, I’m sure, in places farther away from London). There’s no waste with the Dovers, they are easy to cook well and the fresh fish actually gets better after a few days in the fridge. Or there’s always salmon, en papillote with blue cheese perhaps? And this stir fried cabbage to go with it - a lovely combination.

If you fancy baking bread this week, have a look at my bread baking section, there’s plenty to choose from; for example the very easy and completely delicious morning rolls that prove overnight. And if you think it’s time to start thinking about Easter – and maybe baking the first dozen of hot cross buns already? – check out the Easter Collection.

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