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Breakfast is dead

Sun, 8 January, 2017

Breakfast's had it. Breakfast's dead. Breakfast Is A Dangerous Meal, according to Professor Terence Kealey, an Oxford-educated biochemist, who shatters the champions’ and kings’ meal concept to smithereens. It is apparently not so beneficial and positively harmful if you stick to the clutch-your-latte and grab-your-cereal-pot city lifestyle. Insulin levels, blood-sugar management, weight gain - oh, just read the damn book.

But I'm going to be defiant and throw a few brekkie ideas up in the air here - for those who are genuinely hungry first thing in the morning and those who will keep on going to work on an egg. Egg it is too, first off, in the shape of an omelette - with cheese, mushroom, spinach, ham or au naturel. And here's a tip for perfect scrammies - hint: use a silicone spatula. Banana and bacon with or without bread tastes rather delicious and it will be sugar free if you skip the maple syrup. And the classic - my perfect porridge, even if breakfast is truly dead you can have it once a month on a Sunday, as a treat. Who thought breakfast was a treat?

If your first meal is going to be lunch though (prof Kealey only eats once a day, apparently - I couldn't, could you?), better make the most of it. Poke bowl or its restaurant equivalent is both tasty and good for you. And if your first home-prepared meal of the day is dinner, how about something really satisfying - and quick - like chicken fiorentina?

Another quick dish exploding with flavours is five spice duck. And if you really really must have pasta, you could do worse than my fennel and gorgonzola fettuccine. Especially if there's no food again until the next day's lunchtime!

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