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Eat fish and aubergine parmigiana while summer still lingers

Wed, 21 September, 2016

Outside my window the colours are still those of summer - quite surprising, considering it has been a very dry season, you'd expect the leaves to turn quickly. Not yet. We can still pretend it's August and it's dead easy to do in England - the temperatures don't vary that much between the summer and autumn time!

So not the time for warmers and soups yet - although the onion is a classic perennial, welcome even in the balmiest weather. But let's eat fish this week: crab salad for lunch and grilled red mullet for dinner if you're lucky to get it. Don't go for large fishes: red mullet is tastier if small and it's not too bony to spoil the pleasure.

Salmon always on the menu - and how many ways there are to cook it? More than the ways of getting out in cricket... That season's over now, I've head my fix of the 'Out! OUT!!!' cries coming from downstairs; the Weather Man has switched to football so better bake pies or at least sausage rolls to go with the game. Back to salmon: try this interesting method, in a lettuce parcel.

No meat - no problem: my all time favourite veggie dish of aubergine parmigiana, eggplant Parmesan or melanzane alla parmigiana. Call it what you will, it's damn delishhh.

Bake bread this week - an extremely rewarding way of inaugurating autumn and even if a novice, take heart: no knead is the best way to begin. Happy baking!

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